placement cell

placement Cell

Brainz academy has been providing quality education and placement assistance to all the students. All our students are completely satisfied with the kind of training we provide as it helps them build a very good career.


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Top 7 Placement Related Questions

  • Is the training provided here enough for placement?
    • Training plays a very important role in understanding the concept better. However, the students must be able to put into practice what they have learned during the training so as to get placed in a good organization.
  • How soon does the placement process start?
    • Students who have completed the course successfully are eligible for placement assistance.
  • Who takes care of the placement?
    • We have a dedicated team that is responsible for the placement activities of all the programs we provide.
  • How should I prepare for the interviews?
    • You must practice all the topics discussed in the class and obtain clarifications from the faculty wherever required. The faculty can guide you on the preparation that needs to be taken before attending interviews.
  • Will I be placed in a company of my choice?
    • Placement depends on the vacancies available and the extent to which the candidates perform in the interview.
  • So far how many students have been placed?
    • We have a very good track record when it comes to placement. Since its inception, we had made it a point to deliver the best to all our students thus helping the students have a bright future ahead. All our students have received the best placement.
  • Which companies will I get placed with?
    • We provide placement to companies that have requirements for students from an accounting background. Placement again depends on the vacancies and the capability of the candidate.