Tally + GST

1. Introduction to Tally Prime:

Overview of Tally Prime features and capabilities.

Understanding the Tally Prime interface.

2. Installation and Configuration:

Installation procedures for Tally Prime.

Configuration settings and preferences.

3. Company Creation and Management:

Creating a new company in Tally Prime.

Managing multiple companies.

Altering and deleting companies.

4. Masters in Tally Prime:

Creation and management of various masters such as ledgers, groups, and stock items.

Understanding the significance of masters in Tally Prime.

5. Accounting Transactions:

Recording basic accounting transactions (sales, purchases, receipts, payments).

Voucher entry and customization.

6. Advanced Accounting Entries:

Journal entries and adjustments.

Contra entries.

Credit and Debit notes.

7. Banking Features:

Bank reconciliation.

E-banking and online transactions.

8. Inventory Management:

Stock groups and categories.

Stock items and units of measure.

Physical stock verification.

9. GST (Goods and Services Tax):

Understanding GST in Tally Prime.

GST accounting and return filing.

10. Payroll Processing:

Employee master creation.

Salary processing and attendance tracking.

11. Tally Prime Reports:

Generation and customization of financial reports (profit and loss, balance sheet, etc.).

Stock summary and other inventory reports.


12. Tally Prime Shortcuts and Tips:

Efficient usage of keyboard shortcuts.

Time-saving tips and tricks.


13. Practical Exercises and Projects:

Hands-on practice sessions.

Real-world scenarios and case studies.

+2/ Degree

3 months

  • Basics of Indirect Taxation
  • GST – Practitioner’s Perspective
  • Concepts for Practitioners
  • Introduction to Goods Tariffs & Services Rates
  • Working Knowledge of GST
  • Registration under GST
  • Monthly & Quarterly Returns
  • Annual Returns
  • GST Audit
  • Tally